The Cloudponics App

Select plant or strain

A crowd sourced database of plant grow recipes allows you to give your specific plant or strain the ideal conditions for it to thrive.


Control nutrient dosing for your plants and fine tune the amount of up to 3 nutrients on a week-by-week basis.


Control the climate in your grow tent or room by setting the ideal range for temperature and humidity, as well as controlling the light schedule.

pH balancing

Set the pH range for optimal nutrient uptake and avoid nutrient lockups.

Fine tune

We know that no 2 plants are identical.  Some strains may require fine-tuning in order to achieve extraordinary results.


Want to create new nutrient recipes for that particular plant or strain? With the GroControl you can start from a known grow program and build over that, or start from scratch — It’s up to you!


GroControl Dimensions

L x H x D: 11.7” x 9.87” x 3.57”

What´s included

The Cloudponics GroControl automated grow system comes with:

  • Receptacles for connecting: 1) Extraction Fan  2) Irrigation Pump  3) Fresh Water Pump
  • Sensors for: 1) pH  2) EC sensor  3) Water Temperature  4) Air Temperature  5) Humidity  6) Light
  • Nutrient dosing for 3 nutrients
  • pH [+] and [-] dosing
  • iPhone and Android App

Additional Details

Looking for a fully-automated, self-contained home grow solution?  Check out our Easy-to-use, economical, smell-proof and child-proof GroBox!

Financing is available! Visit our Financing Page for more details and to apply.

Purchase additional Nutrient Refresh Packs which conveniently include 6 months of nutrients, pH buffers, calibration solutions (pH + EC), odour filter, pH & EC probes.


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